Selected Works

Awarded the big Christ Johnson Prize 2007. Premiered by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra 2006 and played again 2012 and 2016. Performed at the Nordic Music Days festival in Reykjavik and the I Speak Music Festival in Gothenburg. 

Since the premiere by Karin Hellqvist during the Ultima festival in Oslo 2011, this has become a widely performed piece with performances in New York. London, Paris, Zürich, San Sebastian, Kosice, Stockholm…

Premiered by Gothenburg Symphony and Kent Nagano 2013. Performed during the ISCM festival in South Korea 2016.

The New Juilliard Ensemble, cond. Joel Sachs

Premiered by the Norwegian Cikada Ensemble and Christian Eggen during the Sound of Stockholm festival 2013. Further performances by The New Julliard Ensemble conducted by Joel Sachs during the MoMA Summergarden Concerts 2014 and by the Foot in the Door Ensemble, University of Hartford, 2017.

For a long time a standard on the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble's repertoire and performed widely during their tours. Later this work for hand instruments has been performed by other ensembles, not the least i the U.S.A.

One of the most performed pieces since the premiere by KammarensembleN. Most notably at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, and by the legendary San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, by ensembles in Atlanta, Canberra and Denmark as well as by the Sonanza Ensemble.

Alice Breuer's story about how she was resqued twice by Raoul Wallenberg becomes the frame of the multi media work for strings, audio and projection. Premiered 2012 in Stockholm and then performed in Los Angeles, Münich, Chisinau (Moldavia), Odessa and Växjö, Sweden. Special thanks to Lizzie Oved Scheja, Karl Gabor and Alice Breuer.

Awarded a Swedish Grammy with the Unheard of - again cd by Sonanza. Performed in Sydney, New York, Istanbul, Belgrade, Stockholm…

The orchestral debut 1989 by the Swedish Radio Orchestra conducted by Friedrich Goldmann was soon followed by performances by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg Symphony. This piece took two years to compose and a part of the work was the development of the computer application Kontur (Contour). 

How wonderful to dive deep into the poems of Bruno K. Öijer and then finally experiencing a magic performance by soprano Annika Skoglund, the Swedish Radio Orchestra conducted by B. Tommy Andersson.

C - a reference manual

Recommended Work by Rostrum, Paris 1992. Used as a standard work by the KammarensembleN and therefore performed on a series of festivals and concerts during the first half of the 90's. Performed by the New Juilliard Ensemble conducted by Joel Sachs in New York and by a German Ensemble in Münich.

Ann-Sofi Klingberg och Mats Widlund

Mats Widlund and Einar Henning Smebye did a fantastic and successful premiere during the Musikhøst festival in Odense, Denmark, 1996. Other performances in New York, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Oslo. Amazing recording by Ann-Sofi Klingberg and Mats Widlund.