O Freunde, let others speak

The whole orchestra sound shakes - - - a power that alarms, raising rising signals from shrill trumpets that seem to want to bring everything in their way
- Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter

jeu d’esprit 
- Peter G. Davis, New York Magazine
Transformation of Memory

Die Klangflächen sind subtil bewegt, verfärben sich, sind mit Impulsen durchwirkt. Ein intensives Erlebnis. 
- Süddeutche Zeitung 20/11, 2012

Within Trees (I träd)

the clarity of its aural imagination, its remarkable freshness of style, texture and invention
- Christopher Ballantine, International Record Review March 2005

One Child

A music full of rhythmically shaking energies then generates the mobilizing final chapter, where a lone string meets a dialogue movement that eventually draws all the other parts together.  - - -perhaps Henrik Strindberg's most beautiful moment as composer.
- Martin Nyström, Dagen Nyheter

Hope (Hopp)

over-powering in might, other times poetic, sensual – but in a haste and a velocity that almost leaves you breathles
- Christopher Ballantine, International Record Review March 2005

Chosen (Utvald)

a tensely mysterious work for soprano and orchestra that merges the acoustic and the electronic in an obstrusive and magically evocative manner
- International Record Review